Contribute to Mini-Colours

Mini-Colours relies on owner participation, please upload a picture of your car into the correct section of the site, this will help to build the largest collection of photos for each paint code option because as we all know the same colour can look different in different photos.

This will also help to build up a historical record of what colour Mini's left the factor in so please include your registration mark if you are happy to do so.

All new colours and images are checked before being published live to prevent the uploading of spam, please only add your colour once or upload your picture once, if it's genuine it will appear on the site within 24hrs or less.

Add a new paint code

In the very likely event that a colour has been missed off the list please feel free to add it to the database here.

Upload a photo

*** Photo Upload Problem ***

Photo uploading has been temorarily disabled while we fix a bug that is preventing some images from uploading correctly.